WordPress Optimization Service

Optimization your wordpress website program.

Standard theme optimization
It is optimized based on the standard WORDPRESS program and does not affect the kernel and normal upgrades.
Extreme loading optimization
WORDPRESS optimization service based on performance/security/SEO specifications (W3C).
Extend plug-in functionality
Supplement various optimization technical indicators through customized plug-ins.

Professional wordpress website program optimization

Technical SEO optimization services for the WORDPRESS foreign trade (English/Japanese) website based on the underlying technology. The optimized WORDPRESS website is more secure/high-performance and complies with W3C technical specifications (technical specifications followed by almost all search engines including Google). Long-term and stable improvement of corporate advantages.

Included services

HTTP response optimization: HTTP 200/HTTP 301/HTTP 404 and other response header optimization
HTML document head optimization (META): more compliant with W3C specifications, allowing search engines to better identify your WORDPRESS website
Optimization of basic functions of WORDPRESS: disable/improve the built-in functions of WORDPRESS to make your WORDPRESS load faster
Security-based function adjustment: Disable/adjust the security policy solution of WORDPRESS function to keep your website running stably for a long time.
Other function optimization: breadcrumb navigation optimization, TAG label optimization, classification optimization, etc.

All WORDPRESS service solutions are customized services, and the WP optimization strategies provided meet customers' unique industry/product requirements.

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